Join an Evening of Sommelier-Guided Wine Tasting Experiences 

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with Wine Educator Jörn Kleinhans

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Arrive at one of the best Italian restaurants in Orange County or San Diego, and find your seat in our private dining room.

Sommelier Jörn Kleinhans and his team of wine educators will guide you through a fascinating contrast tasting of 8+ classical wines from around the world, as we are enjoying a multi-course dinner. You will learn about the secrets of the sommeliers, the best methods of blind-tasting, and flavor profiles of the great wine classics.

Wines will differ in every session and are loosely related to a tasting theme of the evening. No prior wine knowledge is necessary for guests to enjoy their evening. No one will be put on the spot. The tastings start exactly at 6pm and last until 8:30pm.

Everything is included in ticket price of $175... all wines, multi-course dinner, private room, parking, sommelier show, gratuities... join of the best organized and presented wine tasting experience in the United States.


Evening Program for Each Show:
Arrival at venue, entering event room and seating. Parking is free.

Program begin with opening monologue on the panel speakers and the wine tasting theme of the evening
Attendees select their options for 3 course dinner
First flight of wines tasted and discussed

Salad/soup course served
Sommelier introduction to systematic wine appreciation
Second flight of wines is tasted, and critiques by sommelier panel
Discussion and demonstration of blind-tasting methodology
Entree is served together with third flight of wines
Sommelier presentation of food pairing principles

Fourth flight of wines is served and blind-tasted
Special guest speaker interview "Secret of the Sommeliers"

Desserts served together with fifth wine (dessert wines)
Personal wine impressions of audience shares
Final sommelier panel statements

Soft conclusion of the event
Wine Tasting Panel
Blind Tasting Fun


Schedule of Upcoming Events

Our Wine Tasting Shows are Saturdays for 2.5 hours, from 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Upon arrival, report to front desk of the venue. The event takes place in the private dining room.

$175 all inclusive. 


Orange County Venue: Antonello Ristorante at South Coast Plaza, 3800 S. Plaza Drive, Santa Ana

San Diego Venue: Solare Ristorante at 2820 Roosevelt Road, San Diego


Call for dates. Tasting events take place every month. Call 858 779 4125 for the next date!

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Event Month

You can always reach us quickly by emailing or by calling 858 779 4125.

Contact us anytime if you want to learn more about our upcoming tasting events.

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Testimonials of Past Attendees:

“ First class. Truly a meaningful experience. Every time... ”

“ Amazing sommelier insights and extremely helpful guidance during the event which made the tasting much more educational and enjoyable! I definitely recommend these events to my friends!  ”

“ Wonderful. We have never been disappointed by Jörn's wine tasting events. ”

“ Very educational. It was serious but delightful at the same time. Jörn created a good learning experience for all participants with different knowledge levels and ensured every participant discover something meaningful out of the event. It was an enjoyable experience. ”

“ I love these events. I learn something new every time about many aspects of wines including the way the grapes are grown and how that can change the flavor, how aging changes wines, noting colors of different varietals etc. ”

“ So far I have not been disappointed. This event was a major success! ”

“ We always have a wonderful time!

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