Inventorying, Organization, Rare Wine Sourcing and Collection Maintenance


Several of our sommelier team members specialize in wine cellar and collection advisory. With our vast industry connections, we can source nearly every wine within a short timeframe for our clients. We are often consulted for long-term wine portfolio management, as well as very short-term situations that need an instant solution.

We offer complete wine cellar management services with local sommeliers nationwide, for beginning and seasoned collectors alike. You receive expert consultation and hands-on support from a certified sommelier, and may delegate as much or as little of the work of collecting as you like. We typically take a full inventory of the wine cellar, and label and reorganize all shelves. 

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Our Cellar Management and advisory service has three optional components:

  1. We re-organize your wine cellar for ease of use, based on objective criteria — e.g., logically by grape variety and region, by expected readiness of each bottle, or vintage;

  2. We inventory the collection using software such as CellarTracker, or simply into a neat and practical Google or Excel spreadsheet, with data such as tasting notes, wine scores, ideal aging and drinking window, and information about vintage quality, to assist with daily selections even before you enter your cellar;

  3. We maintain your collection and the inventory on an ongoing basis, by assisting with new purchases, by tracking consumed bottles and taking note of your preferences as they evolve.


For beginning collectors, an initial discussion clarifies initial preferences and will lead to a clear picture of how you might enjoy your collection better and more efficiently.

The result is a balanced, varied and organized collection of world-class wines, fitted to your personal tastes and patterns of use — with clarity about what to expect before you open the bottles.

Additional benefits of the service include discounts at fine retail stores, global sourcing of nearly any existing rare wine, as well as advisory in other beverages and collectible luxury good — from fine spirits, to cigars and more.

If you would like to secure your enjoyment of fine wine for decades to come, and to build a beautiful showpiece collection in your home — we invite you to learn more about this service.

Contact us to discuss how to manage your wine cellar most efficiently. You can let us implement the plan with you onsite. We usually get everything done within one day.

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Fair Market Value Appraisals and Damage Assessment

Expert Valuation, Damage Appraisal, Fraud Detection, Expert Witness Services


Insurance companies, appraisers, attorneys and cellar owners themselves often deal with complex valuation problems. The Sommelier Company can reliably assign market values to full collections, bottle-by-bottle, and assist with quantification of losses.

Collectors and professionals nationwide rely on our local expert valuations to prepare wine collections for sale, to settle insurance claims and legal disputes, and for a range of other financial, legal, and estate planning and administration purposes.

A complete cellar valuation begins with an on-site inventory, capturing all identifying information: region of origin, producer, bottling, grape varieties, vintage, and bottle format.

Next, our experts apply an objective, systematic pricing system to arrive at a fair market value, using a number of open-source and proprietary market data sources. Our valuation methodology and policies are clearly disclosed to clients, so that all parties can be confident in the results.


We issue standard certificates of valuation as well as damage assessment letters, and our CFA-certified experts can issue any additional required reports or documentation. We also provide second opinions and critical assessments of previous appraisers’ findings.

Our specialized appraisals are often used for:

  • Insurance policies, loss claims and adjustments

  • Marriage dissolution, contested assets and litigation

  • Trusts, wills, probate, and estate administration

  • Loan collateral, foreclosure, or bankruptcy

  • Business or charitable tax deductions

  • Fraud and counterfeit detection

  • Purchase and sale agreements

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Bottle authentication

Insurance Wine Appraisal Expert Witness Wine Sommelier

Likewise, parties to private disputes over potentially damaged collections often turn to us as arbitrators to assess potential damages, and apply a fair market valuation to settle any losses.

If you are unsure whether a wine collection was damaged during a move, a power outage, a flood, a fire, or a faulty refrigeration system — or if you are concerned that fraud or counterfeit wines may have impacted your collection — we have the local detection expertise and the experience to resolve the matter efficiently and fairly.


In summary, our Fair Market Value and Damage Appraisal service has three optional components:

  1. We assign fair market value to each wine in your collection, and deliver a spreadsheet with all needed data fields, with full methodological disclosure.

  2. We are able to detect any systematic damages to your collection (including counterfeit wines) and can issue a qualified damage opinion letter.

  3. We are at your service to work alongside insurance adjusters, attorneys, wine brokers, auction houses, and other professionals to navigate your options.

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Investing in Wine

Take collecting to the next level: Our private wine investment fund for accredited investors, managed by our CFA team.

Collectors and consumers of fine wine have long realized that wine can also be an investment asset that gains value over time. We offer professional wine investment management services for high-net worth individuals who are interested in the opportunities of wine investing.

The recent proliferation of efficient trading exchanges, as well as heightened consumer interest and sophistication, have given birth to a new asset class. Our investment division, Sommelier Capital, is at the forefront of this development.


We are pioneers in active wine asset management, and run one of the few investment funds in the world that is dedicated to fine wine.

The fund is managed by CFA charterholders and seasoned portfolio managers with prior careers at the world’s leading asset management firms.

Our Advisory Board consists of investment veterans affiliated with PIMCO, KPMG, Western Asset, Piper Jaffray, Towers Watson, and others, as well as wine experts from the Masters of Wine Institute and the Court of Master Sommeliers.

Investors in our private wine investment fund enjoy:

  1. Exposure to attractive annual returns.

  2. Market information directly from our portfolio manager, anytime.

  3. The opportunity to diversify into an alternative asset that has shown stable increases for many years — over and above any other major asset class.

Accredited private investors (per SEC regulation D, rule 501a) who would like to maximize returns through our professional portfolio management, our wine expertise, and our unique market access, may inquire with our CFA team. Term sheet and prospectus are available.

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Wine Trade Promotion Program

Sommelier-Driven Live Tastings and Wine PR on behalf of Wine Trade Associations target Consumers, Press and Trade:
We are the World’s Most Effective Partner for Complex and Comprehensive Wine, Spirits, Olive Oil and Vinegar Promotion Programs

Sommelier Wine Specialist Trade

THE SOMMELIER COMPANY has full capability and infrastructure to implement complex tasting mandates everywhere in the United States, Canada and Australia, leveraging local sommeliers and wine promotion specialists. Further, we cover spirits, olive oils, balsamic vinegars as well.

We offer unmatched live event possibilities with extreme effectiveness for the sponsors. Wine trade members have increased their import volume, retailer loyalty and network, consumer visibility, and press coverage significantly by working with THE SOMMELIER COMPANY.

We are the only firm that runs all promotion and representation activities with certified sommeliers, featuring your wines with professional depth and with the greatest effect on visibility. Leading trade groups such as Wines of Garnacha, WineAustralia and many others have relied on us with demanding program implementations, and we would like to build a long-term relationship with you as well.

Please contact us for a direct conversation about the wine promotion opportunities in the English-speaking countries.

We support communications and live tasting programs with full service:

  • We handle complex PR and marketing activations in the United States and abroad.

  • We assist with the funding applications (even years ahead of going live with a program).

  • For in-store promotion programs, we identify and contract the retailers that carry your products anywhere in the United States.

  • We implement events on-site with our certified sommeliers anywhere in the country.

  • We share reporting with you live, via Google Docs and Sheets, for full and timely transparency.

  • We have a strong office team that reliably coordinates with your team in real time, in your preferred language, during your local working hours.

  • We have exceptional partnerships with nearly all American wine retailers, and are the premier source for sommelier talent on the American continent.

For additional details about our wine trade services, please call +1 (310) 467-5582, or write to

wine stores off premise chains promotion

We assist you with local teams of certified sommeliers and wine experts in all metropolitan regions of North America and Australia. Whether you are targeting the public, or retail and restaurant buyers, we will prepare and host events capable of impressing your audience, exactly according to your preferences.

We draw from a large company-trained talent pool of Certified Sommeliers, Advanced Sommeliers, Master Sommeliers, WSET Diploma holders, Certified Specialists of Wine and Certified Wine Educators, certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers, the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, and the Society of Wine Educators.

Please request our letters of recommendation issued by some of the leading wine trade organizations in the world.

Many wine trade associations realize that we represent a compelling alternative to large agencies like Sopexa, Flow Wine Group and others. We partner with these and other firms as needed for our client’s goal achievement, and we maintain good relations with all parts of the trade.

To our wine trade clients we offer promotion access to all important wine merchants and chains nationwide in the United States, for effective sommelier-guided live events that feature and frame their wines.

We also offer custom services to the hospitality and events industries:

Restaurant and Hotel Wine & Whiskey Programs

List and Inventory Management, On-Call Sommelier Services, Special Events and Wine Dinners


The Sommelier Company builds and maintains profitable wine and whiskey programs for top restaurants, hotels and resorts nationwide.

Many restaurants and hotels don’t require a full-time sommelier on staff; however, they need on-call coverage during critical times and events.

An outsourced, expert-directed wine program can lend your property prestige, keep guests interested with the right mix of change and continuity, and contribute significantly to profit while minimizing management time and overhead costs.

The program benefits our hospitality partners value most are:

  • Leveraging sommelier expertise when dealing with distributors to select and source wine inventory

  • Creation and maintenance of an attractive wine menu

  • Monthly “Sommelier Fireside Dinner" wine tasting events

  • Ongoing and systematic staff training in wine theory and etiquette — and performance reporting

  • Floor sommelier coverage on selected busy days, and special event hosting as needed

  • Public visibility and media coverage, including the prestigious Wine Spectator award

    We understand that General Managers are busy people, and our wine programs are designed to be as turn-key and easy-to-manage as possible. For more information and a quote for your custom wine program, contact us today at +1 (310) 467-5582, or write to



Judges and Presenters for Food and Wine Festivals


Many of our sommeliers regularly appear as judges, panelists, keynote speakers, and hosts at food and wine festivals across the country, and can add attractive programming to any live event.

If you’re seeking qualified third-party judges to grant this year’s awards, or would like give more structure and visibility to your event by including a team of entertaining, educational wine speakers and sommeliers, we can help. Our local experts have the knowledge and professionalism to run successful workshops, award ceremonies, and interactive tasting experiences.

Many wine festivals have been more successful, considerably increasing year-over-year ticket sales and participation through our well-structured programs. These programs are available as complete turn-key solutions for your festival.

Call +1 (310) 467-5582 or write to for details.


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