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Cellar Reorganization, Inventorying, Management and Rare Wine Sourcing

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Several of our sommelier team members specialize in wine cellar & collection advisory. With our vast industry connections, we can source nearly every wine within a short time frame for our clients. We are often consulted for long-term wine portfolio management, as well as very short-term situations that need an instant solution. 

We advise our clients to take a full inventory of their wine cellar, label and reorganize all shelves, and let our sommelier team load the complete collection into a shared google spreadsheet. Contact us to discuss how to manage your wine cellar most efficiently. You can let us implement the plan with you onsite. We usually get everything done within one day, and hand you the link to a clean and useful spreadsheet, after organizing the cellar from scratch by region, vintage and drinking window.

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The Sommelier Company builds and maintains profitable wine programs for top hotels and restaurants that understand the benefits of working with a professional sommelier company.

We know that an outsourced, expert-directed wine program creates continuity, prestige and income at significant levels while minimizing overhead costs. Here are several program features many of our hospitality partners value:

  • Leveraging the Sommelier Expertise
  • Creation and Maintenance of an Attractive Wine Menu
  • Monthly “Sommelier Fireside” Dinner Events
  • Ongoing and Systematic Staff Training and Performance Reporting
  • Floor Sommelier Coverage on Selected Days and Special Event Hosting
  • Public Visibility and Wine Spectator Award
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Our sommeliers are available to appear in wine judging panels for food and wine festivals nationwide. In addition to supplying judges or speakers on the day of the event, our headquarters can leverage extensive experience to offer a complete wine program for your festival. Call +1 310-467-5582 or write to for details.

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Insurances, appraisers and attorneys deal with complex valuation problems. Quantification of market value or identification of loss are easily established by calling upon The Sommelier Company. We have CFA-certified experts on staff and can issue the evaluation certificates needed.

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We are on the forefront of turning wine into a tradable asset class. Maximize the value of your wine investments through professional portfolio management services. Inquire with our CFA team about joining our Private Wine Investment Fund.

Investment opportunities will open for accredited investors (per SEC regulation D, rule 501a) in March 2016.

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