Hire a Wine Expert or Sommelier for Your Private Wine or Whisky Tasting Event in Hong Kong

If you are looking for a certified sommelier or wine expert to host a private or corporate wine tasting event for you and your guests, you’re in the right place!

We are the #1 professional sommelier service in Hong Kong and Macau.

To get a quote now, email to HK@SommelierCompany.com. We reply fast.
Please be sure to include your phone number.

Most of our clients in Hong Kong ask for one of the following event formats:

  1. Sommelier-Guided Tasting Station for Standing/Walk-Around Receptions
  2. Sit-Down Seminar for Business Professionals
  3. Multi-Course Pairing Dinners with Sommelier Narration
  4. Team Building Activities for Corporate Events, Blending or Blind-Tasting
  5. In-Home or In-Office Wine or Whiskey Parties with Special Sommelier Guest

Our wine experts have shared their knowledge and passion for wine and whiskey in hundreds of wine tasting parties, corporate team building events, wine presentations, classes and seminars. 

With us, you can rely on the best sommeliers in Hong Kong.

Call +1858 779 4125 now, or write to HK@SommelierCompany.com for our event brochure and a quote.

Some popular event themes are:

  • A comparison between old world and new world
  • A “tour around the world” of global wines
  • The “essentials of food and wine pairing”
  • A guided “blind” tasting of global wines
  • The world of whiskeys: scotch vs bourbon blind tasting

We also have experts in whiskey, tequila, cocktails and mixology, cigars, cheese, chocolate, charcuterie and other fine meats, coffee, honey and tea.

For an overview of your options, email to HK@SommelierCompany.com.
Please be sure to include your phone number.

We are the go-to providers for Fortune 500s and other large companies and professional firms in need of:

  • Evening entertainment for executive off-site meetings
  • Incentive and client appreciation programs
  • Team building activities with wine

Recent Clients and Partners:

Wine Expert Company Hong Kong Sommelier Private Event

We also consult with private collectors, restaurants, hotels and resorts in the Hong Kong area. For special consulting assignments, expert appraisals, wine sourcing, or other wine consulting, write to HQ@SommelierCompany.com.

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