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Are you wondering how you could get your wine rated, or how wines are scored in general? We can help. Call 310 467 5582 now.

We analyze your wine carefully based on documented standards, and provide you with a wine score and rating within 2 weeks.

In recent years, through our events and consulting services, we have built a respected national brand in technical wine expertise. We decided to use this capability—and the tasting methodologies we honed and taught to thousands of students and consumers—to offer independent, objective and truly informative wine evaluation services to wine producers and consumers. Here's why:

  • There is a huge information asymmetry between wine producers, so-called wine critics, and consumers
  • Consumers and quality producers alike will benefit from a more transparent and honest market
  • Few critics disclose their scoring methodologies, and scoring seems hit-and-miss, and often has only "drive-by" depth

Thus, we have painstakingly developed what we believe are the most objective scoring & evaluation criteria available. We employ panels of experts certified by the Society of Wine Educators, the Wine and Spirit Education Trust, and other trusted organizations in the field to carefully evaluate each wine "blind" over 1 to 2 hours, under dinner circumstances, describing the changes in the wine as it unfolds in the bottle and in the glass, to most closely approximate the experience the consumer will have.

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Each review we complete is made available to the producer for their use in marketing, or in tweaking their wine making process, and outstanding reviews are often distributed to our nationwide network of wine professionals and to our consumer following.

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Sample reviews:

All details of the consistent evaluation process are available upon request. Ask for our two-page process fact sheet anytime.