An Actively Managed Global Wine Investment Fund for Accredited Investors

Investing in Wine Funds

We are the leaders in active wine asset management, and run one of the only wine investment funds in the world.

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Investment opportunities are open for accredited investors (per SEC regulation D, rule 501a). Term sheet and prospectus are available.

"The great wines of France, Italy, Spain, Australia and California have been sought-after collectibles for many decades. With the recent proliferation of trading exchanges, and heightened consumer interest and sophistication, a new asset class is born—and it offers long-term, attractive returns for qualified investors.

Sommelier Capital Advisors LLC has been the pioneer in professional management of this alternative asset class of high-end wines, using a wine expertise driven and conservative investment strategy of active portfolio management.

Both of our portfolio managers are CFA charterholders and veteran portfolio managers with prior career at the world's leading asset management firms, fully dedicated to investing in wine.

The firm’s Advisory Board consists of investment veterans affiliated with PIMCO, KPMG, Western Asset, Piper Jaffrey, Towers Watson, among others, as well as wine experts from the Masters of Wine Institute and Court of Master Sommeliers."

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Wine Store and Investment from Wine Price Gains

The Investment Opportunity:

  • Fine wine has been one of the most consistent and best-performing asset classes on record. Liquidity has been the challenge, but has now increased to practical levels.
  • Wine improves with age and becomes more valuable to the market over time, as most supply consists in current releases sophisticated consumers consider too young to enjoy.
  • Recent market improvements, with active wine exchanges and increased trading liquidity, have made active investing viable.
  • Major market inefficiencies still exist—and professional investment management can take advantage of them.
  • Few individuals understand both the world of high-end wines and the world of professional investment management. We do.
  • The core strategy relies on careful wine release analysis, holding the wines until their quality and demand peak, and then exiting positions at the optimal time.
  • Annual performance of the fine wine market has been stable and stellar:
Liv-Ex Wine Market Returns

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