Wine and Whiskey Gift Certificate
Wine and Whiskey Tasting Gift Experience

Gift Certificate or Gift Card for a Sommelier-Guided Wine or Whiskey Tasting Experience

If you’re looking for a gift idea related to wine (or whiskey), consider gifting an unforgettable experience, rather than just a bottle of wine, or accessories. Our wine experience package is an outstanding fit idea for birthdays, anniversaries and holiday gatherings.

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We will issue a one-page gift certificate to you immediately, with your message on it. It entitles your gift recipient to a sommelier-guided tasting evening with the great wine classics.

The gift certificates are usually for groups of 2-12 attendees. We include 8 important wine styles, all glassware (2 glasses per person, for direct comparison), and a polished certified sommelier local to your city who is trained to guide the guests through a highly entertaining and insightful tasting experience for a few hours. 

We are open to including any special wine requests for this event. If you or your gift card recipient don't have a special request, we recommend working with this proven list of classical styles:

Wine Classics from Around the World

  • Riesling from Mosel, Germany
  • Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand
  • Chardonnay from Bay Area, California
  • Pinot Noir from Willamette, Oregon
  • Ripasso Corvina from Valpolicella, Italy
  • Tempranillo from Rioja (Reserva), Spain
  • Cabernet Sauvignon from Bordeaux, France
  • Shiraz from Barossa, Australia

You can obtain the gift certificate from us within minutes, as a pdf file. Once your gift recipient contacts us with their preferred location and date, we inform you and start planning all details of the event. Wines and glasses will be shipped to the venue promptly.

Call 310-467-5582 now for answers to all of your questions.

Some popular wine gift event themes are:

  • Comparison of old world and new world
  • A “tour around the world” of global wines
  • The “essentials of food and wine pairing”
  • A guided “blind” tasting of global wines

Similar tasting topics are available for whiskey, both for scotch (Scottish whiskey) and bourbon (American whiskey).

To discuss, and obtain a quote for your situation, call 310-467-5582.

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Take a look around this website! We are a nationwide firm that leverages the skills of America's best sommeliers to convery the passion of wine with a systematic and consistent approach that has been successful for many years and thousands of wine lovers. With more than 300 certified sommeliers at the company, we are available for any location, any time. Just call us directly to discuss.

We also consult with private collectors, restaurants, hotels and resorts nationwide. For special consulting assignments, expert appraisals, wine sourcing, or other wine consulting, write to

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